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Voting is widely thought to be one of the most important things a person can do. In this exclusive interview, the rapper explains why he started voting, overcoming disillusionment after Barack Obama , and how voting for Congress … No purchase necessary. This page is for those who do not vote. The majority, “popular” vote does not actually determine who becomes president. Listen to your favorite songs from My Vote Don't Count by YelloPain Now. I didn’t understand why YelloPain was using his platform to perpetuate a stereotype. Download our mobile app now. My Vote Don't Count, by YelloPain (SLYT), a 3:48 lesson in civics aimed directly at people who (like YelloPain) have given up on voting. Split into two sections of perspective, the Ohio-based artist kicks things off with the all too common belief that your vote doesn’t matter. Man, this one right here…With “My Vote Dont Count,” YelloPain steps up with a powerful, provocative and straight forward dose of education, packaged in the form of sharp witted hip-hop. I don’t just mean the early poll predicted one way and I voted the other, I mean that the experts call my state as a guaranteed win for red/blue with 1% of precincts reporting. If I don’t vote at all, I’m essentially withdrawing from society. If you don’t vote, the irate masses warn, you aren’t fulfilling your civic duty — but the masses are simply stuck in the delusion that voting matters and don’t grasp the concept of coercive force. FOLLOW US. I’ve been sharing your brilliant video “My Vote Don’t Count” with everybody! 16. Instead, it is left to the 538 members of the Electoral College, and the winning candidate must receive at least 270 electoral votes. Honest Conversations About Racism and Mental Health, Featuring a Provider, a Mother and a Young Adult; Featured Resources. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. So don't count me out When you don't see what he sees You can't tell, but is glory, is resting on me I'm his choice, after his heart The unveiling is starting now So don't count me out Cause I'm no longer a child Don't count me out God is showing me now That there are enemies that I must defeat It's my time, its my time. In his new music video, My Vote Dont Count, rapper YelloPain provides an excellent 4-minute summary in the sprit of Schoolhouse Rock of the importance of voting, particularly in midterm elections and with a focus on Congress and state legislatures. In no way is it your duty to impose your views on anyone by voting for this farcical system enriching the few at the cost of oppressing the many. Dayton, Ohio artist YelloPain makes his debut on SpitFireHipHop with his new video, ‘My Vote Don’t Count‘.The title of the song is a little deceiving as what he sharing is far from that topic. The song is a remixed version of "My Vote Don't Count" released in January that taps in Sevyn Streeter. Seeing you leaves me no doubt, I'll take the wheel from here on out. Your Vote Won't Count. Search our Website. Explore More Posts. YelloPain teaches us with the release of his ‘My Vote Don’t Count’ video. At least that’s the message of ‘My Vote Don’t Count’ the latest video by YelloPain, an Ohio-based rapper . I don't know. But the reasons people give for why they vote … posted by Etrigan (18 comments total) 55 users marked this as a favorite Don’t count me out [Chorus] The oceans are gonna run dry And every star's gonna leave the sky Before I give up this fight Go on and knock me down but don't count me out As long as I've still got breath As long as my heart beats and blood runs red I won't be the one that gets left Go on and knock me down but don't count me out Don’t count me out Phone: 404-892-2703 . I know my vote won’t change the election’s outcome. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… and don’t judge this song by it’s first verse. WAOKAM: On-Demand. Message frequency is recurring and varies. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Does my vote count? My Vote Don't Count, an album by Yellopain on Spotify. Will I vote? Reply STOP to cancel. Create & stream a free custom radio station based on the song My Vote Don't Count by YelloPain on iHeartRadio! 21 likes. Don’t let the title fool you. Don't count on me, I engineer On every move we make from here I'll take the lead You take the pain You see, I engineered this game. It was definitely a great way to grab a viewer’s attention. This is your forum to state your reason(s). Yello Pain – My Vote Don’t Count. Three little words: I don't vote. Co-produced by Desiree Tims, who is running for Congress in Dayton. There's a light ahead at the end of the line. If I vote blue, or red, or yellow, or Mickey Mouse, my state goes one way the minute the polls close. 4 talking about this. I know that the disabled population as a whole is small, but I am here to tell you that we do matter and we do count. WHAT: The politically conscious track “My Vote Don’t Count” WHY WE CARE: Songs with an overt social or political message can be tricky to pull off. YelloPain speaks on Hit Song 'My Vote Don't Count'.mp3 . 00:17:30. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 — Dudette (@Dudette9t9) February 8, 2020 Each electoral vote can count for as many as 500,000 popular votes. I think more politicians need to start talking about the rights of people with disabilities and how we can make the world more accepting. I watched while scratching my head. The upcoming election is set for Nov, 3. WHAT: The politically conscious track “My Vote Don’t Count” WHY WE CARE: Songs with an overt social or political message can be tricky to pull off. This page is for those who do not vote. Dayton-born rapper YelloPain's viral video for "My Vote Don't Count" explores his feeling that voting doesn't matter. My VOTE don't Count. And everyone else has but don't Don't you count me out, not now No way, no how, not yet Won't let you down, don't give up I'm too strong, too tough, too proud I've still got so much left Don't count me out, not now No way, no how, not yet Won't let you down, don't give up I'm too strong, too tough, too proud When texting this station, message & data rates apply. This is your forum to state your reason(s). Lyrics to Don't Count the Waves by Yoko Ono from the Fly album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Download. Opening with the jubilation that Obama’s election brought in 2008, the mood turns immediately as we switch to present day. Listen to the new version above. Kindred switches from rapping in the introduction about why people are discouraged and why they think their votes don’t count, to why they have to vote. Monday, February 24th. Thank you for using your art to inform and empower people. “My Vote Dont Count” is a phrase that I […] Featured News. February 21, 2020.

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