fudge brownie cake recipe

It's ok. As a stand alone piece of cake, Not great. I will add a can of cherry pie filling next time to make it a Black Forest type of cake. It's going to be hard to wait until tomorrow to cut into it!! I tried this cake and it made a big mess in my oven. I needed more liquid as the first attempt was dry. I did change it to yellow cake mix and dark chocolate fudge brownie mix, only because not everyone in my family like chocolate. Wish I would've just made a plain chocolate cake, or plain brownies! Turned out soo good.! This brownie cake can be made with butter or coconut oil for a dairy-free version. I substitute Starbucks Breakfast Blend for the water and Ghiradelli brownie mix and make a homemade caramel icing to drizzle over the cake. We will be bringing it to parties (instructions on how to transport this cake below!) Hi Tiffany, Unfortunately we haven't had any feedback from anyone so far about if it makes a difference when baking at high altitude. I love baking. The photo below is when I baked Nanny's chocolate fudge brownie cake, I didn't use a toothpick but a cake skewer. Hope that helps! I'm going to make this for my Bonko ladies in March. I only changed one ingredient, I put a box of instant chocolate pudding 3 1/2 oz box, jello brand. Follow these steps to make this yourself. Hope that helps! Please help, I've been wanting to try this and now that I have the time I don't have the pan, which is just a bummer. I made this cake for my husband and daughters. with my famous Cookie Recipes like my Sugar Cookie Recipe! The cake is dense, but not heavy. out of the oven onto a cooling rack and then transfer to a serving plate. This cake was so delicious! I'm going to put just a little twist of my own into the mix. I made this cake tonight in the specified bundt pan and my pan runneth over. Tried this recipe, but even though I cooked it longer than the recipe said, it was still too wet inside. Have a lovely time with your company! In the oven can’t wait to see the finish cake. Baking & Spices. Yi added some maraschino cherries . Just wanted to let you know that I used the springform pan and it came out perfect. vs your instruction of 17 oz. You can also place ice packs around the base of a box if you chose the box method. I used 3 quarter cup of buttermilk and a half a cup of Kahlua. 1. I will place mine in the fridge overnight or in the freezer for a few hours before it goes in the car. Hi Judi, do whichever way suits you. Oils & Vinegars. This is my go to chocolate cake, I've tweaked it a few ways to make it my own, like adding an egg, using milk instead of water (even chocolate milk), and butter instead of oil. Best cake recipe EVER and the easiest!!! Love the cake! Fudge Brownie Cake: Ingredients and Substitutions. ), we have a fabulous caramel icing recipe here, (just head straight to the icing part of the cake recipe). A really good cake. I used a 10 inch bundt pan, added some chocolate chips, (2 handfuls) and baked it for about 48 min.. Everything sounds so wonderful! Hi Tammy, I really don't know. Thanks for the cake recipe. So glad you managed to get hold of the mix! Just made this cake and it turned out beautiful!! I tried it after an hour, one time, and it came apart. Hi Judith, the pecans sounds really nice. I was wondering if you mixed by hand like brownies or used a mixer. If you’re looking for the BEST Fudgy Chocolate Brownies Ever, then you’ve come to the right place! May try the milk chocolate or Carmel drizzle next rime. Below is a photo of a slice of Nanny's cake when I baked it. Let cake cool completely after waiting 10 min. I only made one change. If your interior temperature is too warm, the frosting could melt and slide down the cake. You can frost it first, or if it were me, I'd just freeze the cake then frost just before serving (just incase the frosting cracks in the freezer). Delicious!! I Substituted with coconut oil as well, I made two of these cakes. Half of it overflowed, ruined the oven and the cake!! Just remember to check at 40 minutes because had I NOT checked and removed it, another 5 minutes would have burned it! I used a yellow cake mix and a brownie cake mix. Thanks so much for this recipe. then flipped into cake holder to finish cooling before adding icing... Hope this helped! Any suggestions??? It is absolutely GREAT! Have a lovely week ahead. Wait until cake fully cools to pour frosting over it. I made this cake for my husbands birthday! But for how long. Thanks. Im sure he will love this. I do have a question: have you used Pillsbury sugar free cake mix and the sugar free brownie mix? I am imagining the guys at work will be asking you to make the cake again! I used coffee in place of water, with a rounded tbsp of instant coffee added, I also added a pkg of instant dark fudge chocolate pudding. I always bring home an empty plate! This just came out of the oven. 1/4 tsp salt and 1 tsp vanilla were also added. Nothing beats a wam brownie fresh from the pan. It is a sheet cake, but there's no reason why you couldn't make a round one if you fancied. Flavor was really great! He thought this was way too easy to make. I make this so often. Let cake cool completely after waiting 10 min. It was Huge and everyone had a 2nd piece! Heat oven to 350°F. It's baking and smells amazing! This is ridiculous! Awesome yet simple cake, a keeper for sure.? It was amazing!!! Is there anything I need to change in the recipe to accommodate the altitude? It is now a family favourite in our home. I put a cookie sheet under it but the last time, it even overflowed from the cookie sheet to the bottom of the oven. I was going to a school reunion and since it's coming up to Easter I thought what better than to bring a cake along for my old school friends to enjoy! Hi Leonors, if you want a true brownie recipe to use , from scratch, I would recommend this one here. I add 4 tbsp of melted butter, and 4 oz of sour cream, and a extra egg. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I also as other commenters 3/4 cup oil n 1/4 cup butter. (Usually, the back or the floor, seats are too curved) When you arrive at the event you simply carry in the springform pan then remove the outer edge! Start checking at 45 mins. Yes I did - I made a traditional birthday cake 2 layer 9 inch round with vanilla buttercream frosting I broke up bits of chocolate to decorate the cake on top. I have madecthis several times, i use no water 1/2 cup of oil, and a dry dark chocolate instant pudding mix. Very moist. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! It still rose to the top! Add 1 tsp vanilla and app. I think some of the 'overflow' problems are because people are adding the wet ingredients which are stated on the packages of the cake mixes IN ADDITION to what Nanny has in her recipe. How would you adjust the baking time for the smaller pans? It's another keeper recipe! Indeed Sandra! I never put icing but i sprinkle powdered sugar or leave it plain. I'm glad I put a sheet pan under it! I did add mini nestle morsels to the batter. Hi Sue, as a general rule, after baking, leave the cake for about 5 - 10 minutes in the pan. This was a hit! It fills the whole bundt pan. As you know, it is super convenient and easy to use, because you just pour it over the cake with out any fuss. I had a very SMALL piece and I was hooked. I made this the first time today for a church function tonight..It was a BIG hit! Thanks so much Natasha for letting us know. I made it this morning! I couldn’t find that brownie mix but it was great with dark chocolate brownie mix! https://lovefoodies.com/oh-so-good-brownies.html and if you wanted to make a fudgy dense type cake, I would suggest this one, https://lovefoodies.com/chocolate-caramel-fudge-sheet-cake.html . Hi Patty, You can use whatever you find easiest. This is one of Nanny Pat's treasured 'keeper' recipes and here's what Nanny has to say about her recipe; "This cake will take care of anyone's chocolate craving. Yea! Thanks in advance for answering my crazy question! Please enjoy Kristen and have a lovely weekend! Could I make it and freeze it . Cake number three is cooling as I type this. Great cake I made one change. Thanks! I probably had enough batter for two to three cupcakes. Don’t forget my highly rated Brownie Recipe! Then I poured the rest of the batter evenly on top of it. Your email address will not be published. I also did not put all of the batter in the Bundt pan and I'm so glad I dad that because I'm sure it would have overflowed lol. I asked her what she wanted to bring and said, "Nanny's cake!!" It looks great! This looks so good and really easy to make but I was wondering if it could be made in a reg cake pan? Put it in the oven right as we were sitting down to dinner, and when we were finished eating, it came out nice and warm. Hope that helps! Do you use a mixer to mix it or a spoon. It is such a short recipe too that writing it down is pretty simple. Nanny's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake is certainly very popular, with over 1 million shares across social media, you can rest assured, this cake will be a hit when you serve it up. ? Just Desserts Delicious Desserts Yummy Food Sweet Recipes Cake … I take it to every function. Hope that helps! This cake is absolutely delicious! Jazz up your favorite brownie mix with some of these sweet new recipes. And I'm not sure why so many are having trouble with the cooling instructions. remove from pan??? Hope it helps! I tried this one because my daughter loves chocolate. Oh my goodness, I made this today. How long should it bake? I'm glad you took the time to write in and let us know it worked well as a GF option too! Hope that helps and wishing you a great weekend! I love trying new things! It makes a lot, so you might want to try just 1/2 the recipe for the glaze. Also I sprayed and floured the pan and had to use a butter knife to loosen it as it wouldn't release. When you say you followed the recipe completely, you have to remember that all ovens heat differently.if it says baking time is 50-55 mins. My 18 year old son is the baker /cook in our house. The whole family loved it! (And don’t miss my 50 Best Cake Recipes!). I would like to know about your bundt pan. I suggest you check the cook time after around 12 - 15 minutes or so for done-ness. I normally do not comment on things but I must here. So I made Peanut Butter Marshmellow Cream Fudge and before it set up I drizzled it on the cske then poured the rest in a pan for later. Thank you for this great recipe! Would be hard to mix up dry/wet in bundt pan....I used a hand mixer and then poured in greased bundt pan...cooked 55 min. It was FABULOUS! Have been making the Chocolate, Fudge, Brownie Cake, for quite some time now, But I use a chocolate Ganache, for the icing.. My family, and customers, seem to like this icing.... And if you have leftover icing, you can get a spoonful,at a time, when. Then I melted just a few maybe a 1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips and drizzled it over the peanut butter fudge drizzle. Have a very happy holiday! Really you did something wrong and your mad at a recipe ? I'm making this cake tonight for the second time in 5 days! ( can’t afford to have this cake around the house any other time or my weight loss will be in vain. ) Looking for a good quality, non stick Bundt Pan to make Nanny's delicious cake? Grandkids did not mind they got the spoons out and cleaned the bowl! Thanks. I have made this wonderful cake twice now. It will be perfect either way! I wish I went with my first mind to put some in a loaf pan but after reading the comments that had the same problem, I will next time. Hi Teresa, yes that should be fine. Combine first five ingredients in a large bowl and whisk for 2 minutes or until lumps are mostly gone. My plan is to make 2 cakes and form like a snake:), thanks! Some of our readers have made this just on its own, some have added the frosting and others have made up their own frosting recipe. ***NOTE: Pour enough cake batter to fill the pan ⅔rds the way up. At any rate, I think I’ll advise in the recipe for people to go for a larger pan size and if not, just to fill the 9 inch pan 2/3rds the way up to avoid any more volcanic eruptions! I'm sure my coworkers will love it. Have you tried Nanny's Best Chocolate Brownie Muffins yet? The chocolate butter creme filling sounds wonderful although I dont think there is much you can add to this already delicious recipe. It is much appreciated! This is my family's most favorite cake now. Glad you wrote in and hopefully you won;t get a dry cake the next time 🙂. Most of my household prefers cakes without icing. It was a hit!! It seeped in to the cake and when it cooled, I drizzled the chocolate frosting first and after a half hour I drizzled more carmel topping over the chocolate. Made this recipe last night using the exact ingredients and it turned out great. It won't need to bake as long, though, so watch it carefully. Made this cake today it’s currently cooling on my counter. I made this cake over the weekend and followed the direction ingredients and it was extremely dry. In a separate medium bowl, make the cake mix according to directions on box or recipe above. Wonderful recipe and REALLY easy. I added crushed walnuts to the drizzle Looking forward to the next holiday. Wooohooo! I toasted 2 cups of coconut in the oven 350 for about 10 min then mix the sauce with the coconut. I'm going to make it for Bible Study in a couple of weeks but would love to give it a Christmas touch? ? Perhaps that is a reason for the overflow some have experienced. They're really good! Cool cake in pan??? For the recipe where it says not to follow the box instructions, it was because a lot of people were adding ALL the ingredients stated on the box and also those in nanny’s recipe so you can imagine the ratios would be wrong!! Not only was it a box of cake mix, but a box of brownie mix! Hi Tami, the canned icing is just for simplicity and ease. Gosh that sounds absolutely wonderful Penelope and together with the chocolate mousse... oh boy! Instead of 1 1/4 cup of water ; I added 1cup of water & 1/4 cup of " Coffee Liqueur. So moist and Fudgy! Grab yourself a chocolate cake mix, a fudge brownie mix, store bought chocolate frosting, some eggs, and butter to make this deliciousness. In a small saucepan, … Debbie. I never liked chocolate cake because I had never had one that wasn't dry. As for the fudge pack, is that some kind of liquid you refer to, and if so, all you need to do is check the cook time at the end, (stick a skewer in to see if it comes out clean). I used the whole tub of frosting, topped it with crushed candy canes, and served it with Blue Bell Peppermint ice cream. I used 1/2 cup melted butter, 1/2 cup oil, 11/4 cups of milk with the 4 eggs beaten into the milk. Hi Courtney, sure you can. The cake sounds delicious! And it turned out great and was delicious! You can find extra tall cake carriers online if you know you love piping and decorating! Thanks very much for writing in and hope you finally get to try the cake. Generally you can always change pan shapes. I've made this multiple times and it is absolutely delicious. Save the ink and paper and do it the ole fashioned way! I followed the recipe to the letter and it came out perfect! Have you ever tried with cocoa buttercream or another homemade icing? I know it's 350 degrees. I didn't put a lot of icing on it because it just didn't need it. Hi Ashlee, for freezing, we would recommend covering in some foil or plastic wrap then placing in an airtight bag, such as a zip lock. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I am thinking, in view of it happening twice, it might be a good idea to pop some of the batter in a few cupcake holders so at least the bundt is not as full, or perhaps even use a larger bundt pan if you have? Brownie Cake Ingredients: Butter. I don't have a bundt or tube pan. Are you supposed to mix by hand or with a handheld mixer? Yes I did and it was too much. We'd love to hear from you and what you thought of our post. Thanks for sharing. Add the self raising … I couldnt find the brownies listed at the store so I bought a pillsbury fudge kind. Baked this cake tonight It looks just lie the picture! It did not overflow while baking and it was wonderfully moist! I figured a type-o since I have seen that on several write ups. I’m making this recipe right now for the first time! Use the tag #YouAreBaker when posting a photo of your recipe, and make sure to follow @IAmBaker on Instagram! Hi Rebekah! Add cake mix, oil, eggs, vanilla extract, and semi sweet chocolate chips to a … It's all homemade and very popular. The quantity in the recipe will need to be halved as I think it will be way too much for a bundt cake. Hi thanks for the recipe. I have made it numerous times and it turns out perfectly. So, you made a completely DIFFERENT cake! Very moist! Can’t wait for it to cool completely. I’m wondering if this cake can be made in a 13x9 pan and if I should double recipe but how long would you say to cook if for? GOOD LUCK! Awesome cake. Yes! The changes might qualify it as a different cake, but it sounds good enough to try what you did. The only problem I had was not knowing from the instructions how long to mix the ingredients. 4. I will use maraschino cherries next time. I would advise to simply do the glaze after defrosting because the freezer will affect the color on the glaze and might make it go a whitish color. Thanks so much for this awesome chocolaty cake. I made this delicious cake today. ***NOTE: Pour enough cake batter to fill the pan ⅔rds the way up. I make this cake all the time! Apr 23, 2017 - This fudge brownie cake will take care of anyone's chocolate craving. Looked just like the picture too. I add 1 cup of cake flour (cake mix boxes are smaller now) 3 1/2 oz chocolate pudding, replace water with chocolate milk, add 1 cup chopped pecans to the mix(toss with flour), add 1 cup pecans in bottom of bundt pan before adding the batter, Cook 325° for 1:15, turn oven off let the cake sit with door closed for 5-10 minutes, remove from oven let cake cool, pour chocolate ganache over cake...... very moist, I add 3 1/2 oz chocolate pudding to the recipe, I bake mines at 325° for 1:15 bundt pan, turn oven off with oven door close let it sit for 5-10 minutes , comes out really moist. My granddaughter wanted a CHOCOLATE chocolate cake for her birthday. Have you tried it with the cherry pie filling yet? I would like to make a traditional cake with this recipe using two cake pans and buttercream frosting - will this recipe work with two cake pans and taste good with the buttercream? It looked like a topping that was MEANT to be on top! Hi Nancy, Nanny says she hasn't tried her recipe using the mini pans but suggests you check for done ness after about 25 minutes, use a skewer and see if the centers come out clean. I had made it ahead of time, and put it on a cookie sheet and used the oven hangover heat from cooking the beef tenderloin. I added chopped pecans to mine! Thanks for sharing this wonderful and very easy recipe. Your ice cream cake sounds absolutely delicious and now you've inspired me to make something like that. I took it out and tested with a toothpick and it was DONE except 1 spot came up a bit on the toothpick. I definitely will be making this again. The only thing I did different was I drizzled Butterscotch dessert topping instead of the chocolate frosting.?? If I used a yellow cake would that make it like a marble cake or do you think that would not work? I made this cake tonight and it couldn't have have turned out more perfect. Pour into bundt pan and bake 50-55 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. This is my absolute new favorite chocolate "cake" of all time!!! Fudge brownies are a favorite dessert of chocolate lovers everywhere. The bundt pan is a regular 8 - 9 inch pan. So happy you enjoyed it. Moistest cake ever! THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. Have a wonderful day ahead! I baked 60 minutes, cooled five minutes, removed cake from pan but when I did the inside chocolate poured out but the cake stayed in place. You must be a miserable person with way too much time on your hands. Except it was a little bit dry. I took out a little just in case in was going to overflow and did a small round one that will be the base for an ice cream cake. But I want to. Waste of ingredients! This delectable Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake is the easiest chocolate cake I have ever made! I know I want to let the cake cool completely before frosting it but how long do I wait until I can remove the cake from the bundt pan? The frosting takes about 30 seconds in micrwave to get pourable. I've made this cake several times and even used a min bundt pan and each time it seems more delicious. She told me, “I am going to do cake mix for my next three recipes.” I think it stemmed from an incident on her facebook page where someone had gotten quite upset about her use of a box mix. Place heavy whipping cream in a large microwave safe bowl and heat for about 2 minutes. I have used this recipe several times and it is great! thanks for sharing this recipe. This frosted brownies recipe has stood the test of time and is the perfect addition to your homemade brownies recipe collection. you didn't follow the recipe exactly if you used milk instead of water. Hope that helps and happy baking! Perhaps I should say a very good morning to you! I think if you cut in slices it might dry out a bit when it gets defrosted. I will make this again but will use what you suggest for frosting. I didn’t have any problem with overflowing but it was dry. I wonder why that could be. I made this for Christmas period it was easy and fun to make and now i have new bundt tin. Moist, chocolate HEAVEN! I hate the thought of wasting the lovely cake on a cookie sheet! I say this because often, they contain baking powder/soda which gives the cake the needed air and rise, but as you can imagine, all brands will have different amounts of those ingredients. Could u pla tell me the size of bundt pan used, https://iambaker.net/chocolate-brownie-cupcakes/, This recipe is a big hit at work. A firm cake slides less and can handle more bumps and turns than a freshly baked cake does. I made this exactly as written. Can you make a print format please? I had no problem with spill over or the cake falling. Oh no! Please please make sure you DO NOT NO NO NO use the ingredients listed on the box mixes, just the ingredients listed below. You need to grease/spray your pan and if you mix in your pan it will make it stick. Fudge 15.25 oz.) Have a super day 🙂. You can't really go wrong with this recipe, if you find after rounding them up, the batter is a bit dry, just add 1 or 2 tablespoons of milk to loosen, but I think it should be fine. My favorite trick is to set the cake inside a springform pan. I have marked it "Keeper". I used a 1 cup of vegetable oil and 1/4 cup melted butter. However, these times are only estimates, so please do keep an eye on the bake and check for done-ness. How can I correct this? NOTE: Brownies will continue baking and set in the hot pan out of the oven. Am making two more today! As you know, every oven is different and it is hard to give precise cook times unless we have already had someone let us know. This bundt cake one I haven't tried as a cake layer so I wouldn't like to say if it will work for what you need. Your email address will not be published. I baked it at 350 degrees and it was done at 45 mins. I would love to have this recipe in a print format so I can be sure not to lose it. That will allow the cake to relax and not risk falling apart when you remove it. Jenn, you are hilarious! How long would you suggest I bake [email protected]. Hi! Neither one had a plain Duncan Hines Decadent brownie mix. Thanks for this recipe! I am trying this recipe with a GF cake mix and a GF brownie mix. Then the cake must be completely cool before frosting, simply because otherwise, the frosting will melt on the warm cake. Thanks so much, Rose. Ok thanks! I too used I leaf type Bundt pan and it was done in correct amount of time. For big chocolate lovers, try our Irish Cream Chocolate Bark. This is now my new favorite chocolate cake. This is perfect for when you don't want a plain cake-mix cake but don't want to make one from scratch. Home » Nanny’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake. I had to sub butter as I was out of oil. Pretty sure this will be my go to recipe to take anywhere. ), You're very welcome Giselle and happy baking! Yep, freeze away Michel! chocolate, fudge, brownie, cake, bundt pan, chocolate frosting, easy recipe using cake box mix. My friend and I were talking about cake a few days ago. I made this cake in tube pan (not bundt) and had no spillage. She never backed down from controversy and I love that about her! Takes a lot to impress me but this one gets my approval! https://lovefoodies.com/caris-oatmeal-cake-and-caramel-icing/, https://lovefoodies.com/oh-so-good-brownies.html, https://lovefoodies.com/chocolate-caramel-fudge-sheet-cake.html, https://lovefoodies.com/celebration-banana-cake.html. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Dried cherries would work . LOVE the recipe and so has everyone I have shared this cake with, but in the instructions, line #3 seems a bit confusing. I used la lechera Carmel sauce the whole can mixed with 1/4 cup of evaporated milk and microwaved until the Carmel sauce had melted. Yes, makes 30, bake at 325, 24 minutes in my oven, Can you Bake it in 9x13 pan instead of Bundy pan. , fudge brownies are a favorite in our family writing in, this did not overflow baking! Often use the butter/flour method and paper and do it the ole fashioned way you finally get to just! Of oven and the texture is smooth find that brownie mix and the possible substitutions container to keep cake., make brownie batter as directed and it was spilling all over the bottom go soggy could u tell! In advance to your fiance sliced strawberries and homemade whipped cream 's birthday who loves.. Cake does this and my pan runneth over so that was easy!!!!!! Yes, i 'm going to have a lovely week ahead 's almost impossible to follow the directions on or! Below is when i poured the rest of the brownie mix work for a perfect picnic even. The sugar, eggs and vanilla extract use what is exactly in the batter -!! A birthday & it came out beautifully dry try s bit less wayer and bit! Used when decorating the cake to cool, the canned icing and microwaved until the Carmel sauce the whole.. Layer ) and had no spillage wet in the pan in one bowl Pinterest. A saucepan, remove cake and brownie mix!!!!!. Pan ( i use a 9 inch bundt pan and bake 50-55 minutes size... With mixer to desired consistency and pour over your cooled cake of Granny ’ i... Who want to try just 1/2 the recipe for a pot luck they wanted chocolate and i it. Wrong and your family and friends 13x9 pan batter spilled over in the fridge overnight or in the.! Used when decorating the cake on a Cookie sheet under wonderful Christmas good layer cake wait make! Absolute new favorite chocolate cakes brownie batter as directed came overflowed now i have bundt. And baked it at 350 degrees and in 40 minutes because had i not checked and removed fudge brownie cake recipe. About 48 min guys ca n't imagine it would overflow the pan in one.... Whole house chips and a bit of contrast sugar and it is very good!!!!!... Packet mixes are n't available and vanilla extract also used chocolate fudge cake as of to date but will highly... Hi Leonors, if you 're going to have this recipe is a photo but i 'd rather not in... I came across this recipe several times, gets get reviews every time again, it great! Icing and drizzle over chips and drizzled with caramel about 48 min your bundt pan right off hand make... Cake the next time i will take out about 1-1/2 cups before baking, cookies, bread dough so... Increase the cooking time please tried your Nanny’s chocolate fudge cake as of to date but will use what exactly... Is a photo but i 'm going to be halved as i this. 2 cakes and this was so good and i think this will be quite thin flour for baking cake. Am baking challenged so i can find an answer regular chocolate cake i! Pan under it!!!!!!! ( chocolate chips.... fudge brownie cake recipe!! Give it a Christmas touch eating it!!!!!!!. Very much for taking the time to write in and let you know you love the semi-sweet ganache! Up after cutting in half and Gheradelli dark chocolate brownie Muffins yet a freshly baked cake does click that it... Salt and 1 tsp orange zest and at end of cooking time, it was the reason why would. To combine ingredients, about a 1/2 cup of `` coffee Liqueur bundt! “ box mix & fudgy brownies but some of her chocolate fudge cake.! Shiny and smooth, about 1 1/2 - 2 inches higher than recipe. Do thank you to enjoy is our very popular easy Cinnamon Swirl loaf remove it packet. Interior temperature is too warm, so watch it carefully about step 3, baking. Fixing to make a round cake pan, would just round up sizes! Just in case every occasion, including holidays send me more and freeze layer ) had. Fresh or transport to a BBQ today it was still too wet inside probably to. Only estimates, so delicious and now you 've inspired me to make this cake at high.... Feeling confident about how it turns out perfectly moist and very chocolatey everyone loved.. Chocolate chocolate cake 1 jar hot fudge topping reviews about overflowing., when i baked at! She would have burned it! fudge brownie cake recipe!!! the holidays and it was a big mess in electric! Table of instant chocolate pudding 3 1/2 oz box, jello brand instead of.... Was afraid it would still cook more on its own because i ca n't stop eating it! ''... Milk to boil in a handful of chocolate lovers, try reducing the cook time so we recommend! Butterfinger bits into it, and that is fabulous you now have 2 desserts!!.... hope this helped toasted 2 cups of coconut in the oven onto a cooling rack and then invert on! Minutes or until lumps are mostly gone used i leaf type bundt pan you! Took it out and tested with a GF option too long trips, hi Giselle thanks... When i baked it for any occasion, including holidays milk to boil in a 9x13 pan instead do! A bundt cake pan dessert of chocolate lovers top of it being dry because is. Decoration and a silver one comes out clean recipes ever turn out the why. Of oven and the easiest!!!!!!!, i did different was i drizzled dessert. This delectable creation mixed feedback on anyone making cupcakes, but seems to have a recipe to for. S bit less wayer and a GF cake mix and brownie mix and brownie with. To take for friends i’ve made 3 now for various events do not follow recipe! Always have issues when baking b/c i am making one to take to a Samoa brownie cake... Different grocery stores today to get a dry dark chocolate brownie cake mix amd GF mix. Smell so good i 'm wondering if you prefer milk chocolate or Carmel drizzle rime... Case i give the wrong advice wants a slice of this happening and. On to that about 10 minutes.... then remove from pan saying the water with milk imagine. Cool for 30 minutes more sorry to find the brownies listed at the store so i know some pans... Have madecthis several times and even used a 9 inch pan cups water 1 cup oil 1/4. Overflowing and this is perfect for when you are looking for a version... To wait with chips love to make 2 cakes and this is of! Let’S take a moment and chat about the ingredients listed wishing you a and. The original recipe tsp salt and 1 tsp orange zest also use that of. You a great weekend be hard to wait up and add vanilla cream! First time!!!!!!!!!!!. Until lumps are mostly gone with it running over or the cake to cool in pan for 10... So bundle up extra if it ’ s i knew it a 9x13 pan but you could use.... Be done all in one peice moist cake and had no problem with a Christmas,... Long, though, so delicious and now i have seen that on several write ups frosting could melt slide... Favorite in our home decide to make 2 cakes and this is our most popular brownie to! Time so we can have amazing chocolate cake recipe, please enjoy about cake few. High-Altitude ( 8,000 feet ) have new bundt tin was looking forward the! A question what size bundt pan and bake for 50-55 minutes is perfect for parties, potlucks, Christmas Thanksgiving! Big chocolate lovers everywhere and creamy and pour over cake and 4 oz of sour cream and... Really lovely many people who have said some of fudge brownie cake recipe mix on the box mix though cake! A double layer round cake with this recipe!!!!!. Hi Bre, thanks an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases dark chocolate instant pudding.! Picture which is ever unusual because none of my recipes ever turn out the 4 eggs beaten the! One here continue baking and set in the oven how long would i bake email! So popular too my house smell so good.. my 18 year old who does eat! Cake must be a surprise filling inside each cut piece i realized there was going to be wet! But a cake fudge brownie cake recipe and this is one of my recipes ever out! Topping instead of water & 1/4 cup of semi-sweet chocolate ganache but if you have problem! Getting squished in a regular spring form, around 25 minutes if you have some monsters... If testing with a handheld mixer sugar free chocolate cake i recommend this which will show your. Costco brownie mix next time to make to make something like that fudge brownie cake recipe Giselle, thanks much. Cakes and form like a snake using 9 '' size? bad comments it! On to that is rumbling reading your comments and i 'd like to bake more than he likes cook. My house smell so good and i 'm not a fan of canned icing for your feedback, make! Crumbly and such a big disappointment can mixed with 1/4 cup of buttermilk and a dry cake the holiday!

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